The last day at Star of Hope was really sad and depressing
  because no one wanted me to stop coming. Even do we all were sad we decided to
  spend some time eating our last breakfast and share stories about our life and
  personal goals.

We had a great time volunteering at Star of Hope last Saturday, we got to know
our members a little more while eating breakfast with them. I am really great
full that i am helping people in need thanks to Star of Hope.
The very first impression I receive was that our kitchen manager was going to
give us a hard time. I really don’t know why but she makes me feel intimidated
like as if she was going to kick me out of the kitchen. As the time passed I got
to know her better and realized the huge mistake I had made. I had just
misjudged someone for their appearance. This make me feel terrible because I
hate when people consider Hispanic girls as baby makers without even knowing
them. And I just did the same to a very nice lady who is volunteering at this
place because she has a really sweet heart.
Stereotype is the image strongly held by individuals of a certain person or
Star of Hope is an organization that has being for around 100 years helping
homeless people in Houston.  There goals is to get our community to help by
either donating money or supplies or volunteering at the shelter. Star of Hope
is a great organization that has many opportunities for homeless people. They
provide them with GED classes, interview trainings, how to make a resume, and
many more things.
For the past week I have being under a lot of stress because Star of Hope had
not reply back to let us know our schedule to start volunteering. But thankfully
they contacted us yesterday to let us know we can start volunteering every
Saturday from September 29, 2012 to December 8, 2012.
I have being working on getting people to donate cloths for my Clothing Drive. Until right now I cannot be more satisfy almost every box that I place around the school has at least on bag full of cloths. I will keep working on advertising the Clothing Drive for the Star of Hope Mission.

My arm was really sore and I could barley move it. I needed to come and volunteer, because my other partner was not going to come so someone had to come and prepare the breakfast.  Even do my arm was hurting me I manage to get all the work done. At the end of my shift I felt satisfy and grateful for another wonderful day at Star of Hope. 


Everyone at Star of Hope was really excited about Thanksgiving Day. Many clients were getting ready to go visit their families.  The joy and positive environment at Star of Hope make me feel like crying. These people do not have a home but are so grateful, simply because they are alive. And I have a home and a beautiful family, but sometimes I feel unhappy…. As human beings sometimes the more we have the unhappier we are.