I have being working on getting people to donate cloths for my Clothing Drive. Until right now I cannot be more satisfy almost every box that I place around the school has at least on bag full of cloths. I will keep working on advertising the Clothing Drive for the Star of Hope Mission.

My arm was really sore and I could barley move it. I needed to come and volunteer, because my other partner was not going to come so someone had to come and prepare the breakfast.  Even do my arm was hurting me I manage to get all the work done. At the end of my shift I felt satisfy and grateful for another wonderful day at Star of Hope. 


Everyone at Star of Hope was really excited about Thanksgiving Day. Many clients were getting ready to go visit their families.  The joy and positive environment at Star of Hope make me feel like crying. These people do not have a home but are so grateful, simply because they are alive. And I have a home and a beautiful family, but sometimes I feel unhappy…. As human beings sometimes the more we have the unhappier we are.


On Saturday 27, 2012 I meet a lady from Nicaragua. She was
  serving in the kitchen as me; at first I taught she was a volunteer but I found
  out later she was a client. As I help serve the breakfast to the clients I
began to talk to the lady and she told me all about her experience at Star of
Hope. She came to Star of Hope to escape an abusive relationship she had with
her ex-husband. At the shelter she has found the peace and support she needed to
escape her pass life. She loves being at Star of Hope because they are helping
her achieve a college education. She also told me that she is so grateful places
like Star of Hope exist because if they didn’t she would be dead as well as her